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Leadership Renewal
A Retreat for Conscious Leaders
Grey Towers National Historic Site
Milford, PA

Leadership Renewal #3: April 6-9, 2009

Forest Service leaders are expected to perform exceptionally well. Leaders must put in long hours, travel extensively, handle a tremendous amount of organizational change, deal with complex problems and issues, respond to both public and political concerns, do more work with less money and resources, be technologically savvy AND deal with employee’s needs and frustrations on a continuous basis.

The continuous demands on leaders can leave even the most conscious leaders feeling overly busy, overly committed and out of sync with their own natural energies and rhythms. It is indeed possible to love your job and still begin to lose your passion for your work. Ironically, new research indicates that the more conscious and emotionally mature leaders are actually more prone to leadership fatigue than leaders who are less conscious or emotionally astute. It is possible for even the very best leaders to suffer from leadership fatigue and not even know it. Also, many leaders work in a work climate where they are subtly discouraged from admitting any signs of exhaustion, discouragement or frustration. In any “can do” work climate people will resist admitting openly that they are feeling anything other than optimistic or positive. It is time to allow the concept of leadership fatigue to come out in the open.

The focus of this leadership renewal workshop is to help leaders reconnect with their deep desire to lead well. This retreat is designed to help leaders recommit to what is most important and meaningful to them in a way that is personally rewarding, skillful and also slowly energizing. Participants are encouraged to show up feeling excited, bored, energized, drained - whatever they are feeling. The goal will be for each person to learn to connect with their whole self in a way that is safe, energizing and possibly even humorous at times.

This workshop will be lead by Linda McLyman and Daniel Leete of Progress Associates. Linda and Daniel - subject to leadership fatigue themselves at times- have spent the last six months studying the subject area of leadership renewal. Linda and Daniel have field tested this workshop with many USDA Forest Service leaders. The reviews for this work have been excellent. McLyman and Leete currently teach several leadership seminars for Grey Towers. Join them for a new and valuable leadership experience.

To Register: Contact Ellen Geis, Grey Towers, at
(570) 296-9629

An Override and Job Code will be necessary to register. Payment and obligation documents will be prepared and submitted to ASC from Grey Towers.

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