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The Emerging Leaders #8
(Dates to be determined for 2010)
Effective Leadership for our Natural Resources

The objective is simple, the work is not!
The Emerging Leaders #8 is aimed at recruiting and developing excellent natural resource leaders.

The Emerging Leaders #8 is a state of the art leadership development program designed to meet the professional development needs of employees who will be working as natural resource leaders within the next three to eight years. It is targeted for the young, the mid career, and the older leader who wants to learn how to be the best leader possible. It is both a leadership development training program and a competency based leadership development initiative. The program provides both classroom-based training and nontraditional learning opportunities for employees seeking professional leadership development.

The program includes: training, mentoring, and competency based learning experiences completed in small teams. Participants will be expected to:

  • participate in highly interactive and challenging training -12 days of training to be completed over a nine month time period
  • complete specific leadership reading assignments (books, articles, etc.)
  • complete leadership competency related work projects individually and in small teams
  • complete e-mail correspondence and conference calls with the course leaders and classmates
  • complete serious mentoring assignments
  • challenge themselves both mentally and emotionally
  • be willing to use newly acquired leadership skills in their current leadership positions

The program is limited to 21 participants from all parts of the United States. Participants are expected to make a commitment to attend all parts of the program.

The Philosophy Inherent in the Emerging Leaders is as follows:

  1. Any leader needs to understand the differences between simple career advancement and true leadership development
  2. Any leader needs to really understand the appropriate use (and potential misuse), of power and control in any leadership role
  3. Any leader needs to have the skills necessary to run contentious and/or challenging meetings
  4. Any leader needs to develop advanced decision-making skills
    Any leader must demonstrate a willingness to examine him or herself honestly and to grow emotionally
  5. Any leader needs to know how to lead others through difficult change (including having an advanced understanding of change management theory)
  6. Any leader needs to learn how to lead others in both teams and non-team settings (including learning how and when to delegate work to others)
  7. Any leader needs to learn how to hold themselves and others highly accountable for both success and failure
  8. Any leader needs to be very skilled in conflict management, negotiation, and collaboration skills
  9. Any leader needs to understand basic systems theory (how to arrive at a balance between content, process, and relationship© in all areas of work and leadership)
  10. Any leader needs to understand how to encourage people with diverse ideas and diverse opinions to work well together
  11. Any leader needs to determine if they really want to work in a leadership position

Major Topic Areas for Learning and Development:

  1. Team decision making and advanced problem solving skills
  2. Meeting management tools and advanced communication process skills
  3. Communication styles, interpersonal communication skills
  4. Change management skills
  5. Collaboration and negotiation skills
  6. Leadership style awareness and adjustment
  7. Accountability of self and others
  8. Emotional maturity - psychological readiness
  9. Teaming and diversity skills
  10. Conflict Management skills


We are excited to present to you the sixth edition of the Natural Resource Leadership Project, sponsored by the Nez Perce Tribe and Progress Associates. We hope that you will take the time to read through the material that follows.

The benefits you will experience as a result of participating in this exciting, challenging program are important.

  1. You will learn practical leadership tools. These tools will help you become a more successful leader. You can use these tools immediately.
  2. You will learn to be an excellent decision maker. This skill alone will earn you genuine respect from your colleagues.
  3. You will create networks with other natural resource professionals. These networks will provide an opportunity for you to share your ideas, problem solve with other people with similar situations, and learn to create joint solutions to natural resource challenges.
  4. You will experience the growth that comes from entering into a professional mentor relationship. Your mentor will help you enhance your career in a multitude of ways.
  5. Participation in a nationally recognized program will help you build your resume and enhance your career opportunities.
  6. This is possibly the best way for your organization to establish a long term leadership succession process. At the same time, the cost savings by utilizing this program will be tremendous for your organization.

This program is intended to stretch you in many ways. You will be glad you gave yourself the opportunity to develop and grow in a manner that is stimulating and exciting without being threatening. We look forward to your participation. Please contact us if you need more information or if you have any questions.

Emerging Leaders Course Content:
2010, exact dates to be determined.
The training site will be in the State of Michigan.

This three part Training Intensive will be taught by the firm Progress Associates. Daniel Leete and Linda McLyman, senior partners in the firm, have been coaching, training, and working with natural resource leaders for the past twenty four years. Skilled consultants and expert teachers, Leete and McLyman have an in-depth understanding of what it really takes to develop natural resource leaders. Leete and McLyman are widely known throughout the United States as passionate and spirited teachers who have made a strong impact on hundreds of natural resource teams and team leaders with whom they have worked during the past two and 1/2 decades. McLyman is the author of the book Wise Leadership (published by MSU Press, 2005).

This course is NOT intended as a remedial training program for natural resource leaders who lack skill development. Rather, it is a course for (1) excellent potential leaders and (2) current leaders who personally recognize a need for continued professional development. Participants will be expected to complete reading assignments, work projects, e-mail correspondence with the course leaders, and mentor assignments. In order to receive a certificate of completion and/or CEU credits, individuals must attend all course components and complete all assignments including a final examination. Graduate credit is also available. Each NRLP course is limited to 21 participants. Participants are expected to make a commitment to attend all three four day sessions. This program will be held at the Rock Springs Resort and Conference Center, located near Bend, Oregon, If you would like more specific details regarding course content, please contact Progress Associates.

To apply for this program, please click here

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