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Leadership Development Training
for USDAFS District Rangers
Ranger Academy #12 and #13

#12: April 20-23, 2009 or
#13: October 20-23, 2009

To be held at: Grey Towers (home of Gifford Pinchot) on both occasions.

To be taught by: Linda McLyman and Daniel Leete of Progress Associates

This is the announcement for the 12th and 13th Leadership Development training program designed specifically for individuals working as USDAFS District Rangers. This program will be held at Grey Towers (home of Gifford Pinchot) on MApril 20-23, and October 20-23, 2009. This training program will be taught by Linda McLyman and Daniel Leete of Progress Associates. Linda and Daniel have a long history of facilitating, designing courses, coaching, and teaching leadership programs for the USDAFS. The previous leadership sessions they have taught for Rangers at Grey Towers have received excellent evaluations and reviews. To date, over 250 District Rangers have attended this excellent program. More Rangers are being offered a similar opportunity to learn advanced skills, to continue to network with each other, and to broaden in their leadership capabilities. This program is taught in alignment with the succession leadership competencies set up by the USDAFS. The program will focus on the following objectives:

  1. Teaching Rangers to use advanced level problem solving and decision making skills (learning state of the art group decision making techniques as well as team management and meeting management techniques).
  2. Teaching advanced communication skills (communication skills that that teach Rangers to communicate in group and team settings much more effectively, to handle conflict better, and to interface with the public).
  3. Helping Rangers to develop both emotional maturity and psychological readiness (learning specific methods for enhancing individual leadership growth and development).

This training program will be both theoretical and practical in nature. Participants will learn a series of skills and then apply these skills to real world problems, issues, or decisions. The instructors will lead the Rangers through processes that allow the participants to practice their newly acquired skills with an appropriate amount of coaching. There will be time for self reflection work as well as time to tour the Grey Towers site. This will be a highly interactive, non threatening, and yet exciting leadership training opportunity. Participants will be expected to complete all four days of the program.

The class size for this session will be limited to 20 participants. Rangers from all regions of the USDAFS are welcome to attend the session.

To register for the session contact:
Ellen Geis, Asst. Director for Leadership and Business Mgmt at Grey Towers
(570) 296-9629 or email:
Tuition is $615.00

A (for documentation purposes only) SF-182 including a job code and override needs to be faxed to Ellen at (570) 296-9675

An obligating group SF-182 will be completed and sent to ASC from Grey Towers

As of April 16, 2007 all registrations are considered final and tuition will be billed to your job code.

Ranger Registration Form

  1. Please note: travel, food, and lodging costs are not covered in the tuition costs. The included form will provide information on travel and lodging.
  2. Please contact Ellen Geis at Grey Towers for all registration information. Ellenís phone number is: (570) 296-9629, and her e-mail address is: Ellen is the Administrative Officer at Grey Towers National Historic Site.
  3. Please remember: Once you have registered, your space is confirmed for this session if you are one of the first 20 Rangers to register. You have committed to save your spot for this session. You will be billed for the session if you cancel for any reason after you have registered. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Quotes from some participants from a previous Ranger Academy
Grey Towers, Milford, PA

  • Progress Associates truly knows how to communicate the qualities needed for leadership and they provided tools that everyone can learn to use.” Mike Lawrence, District Ranger, Paulina Ranger District, Ochoco National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Paulina, Oregon
  • I really wish we had more time and I usually don’t feel that way about training.” Margaret David Bailey, District Ranger, New Castle Ranger District, Malheur National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Hines, Oregon
  • Extraordinary, concise, applicable and enriching!” Buck Sanchez, District Ranger, Smokey Bear Ranger District, Lincoln National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Ruidoso, New Mexico
  • Very practical real world stuff that I can apply today. Thanks!” Frank Beum, District Ranger, New Castle Ranger District, Kisatchie National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Natchitoches, Louisiana
  • This course is very instructive and powerful because Daniel and Linda know our agency’s culture and they are able to apply the learning principles to real situations.” Terry Bowerman, District Ranger, Nolichucky/Unaka Ranger District, Cherokee National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Greenville, Tennessee
  • Relevant material presented in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere that encouraged learning and growth.” Raoul Gagne, District Ranger, Davy Crockett National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Kennard, Texas
  • This is the BEST developmental training I have attended. It was both realistic and practical. I recommend this course to all leaders.” Robert Lee, District Ranger, Chickasawhay Ranger District, National Forests in Mississippi, USDA Forest Service
  • Rangers in the Forest Service typically have strong and successful resource backgrounds, but recognize their need to develop interpersonal and leadership skills. This course works to round out new leaders, helping them to understand the challenges of leadership.” Bill Aney, District Ranger, Paisley Ranger District, Fremont and Winema National Forests, USDA Forest Service, Paisley, Oregon
  • Exceeded my expectations: this was not just another leadership course, but one about how to grow as a leader.” John Borton, District Ranger, Chetco and Gold Beach Ranger Districts, Rogue and Siskiyou National Forests, Ellensburgh, Oregon.
  • "Excellent opportunity for reflection and development with great colleagues and facilitators in a wonderful setting." Robin Vora, Deputy District Ranger, Bend Fort Rock District, Deschutes National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Bend, Oregon.
  • "This program is right on target. It provided some additional tools to aide me in my job, as well as insight into myself in determining how, when and where to use them." Jerry Mastel, District Ranger, Pleasant Valley Ranger District, Cibola National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Grants, New Mexico.
  • "This training has been remarkable. It capitalized both on my strengths and areas of development, and gave me the tools on how to control them." Kerwin Dewberry, Deputy District Ranger, Sacramento Ranger District, Lincoln National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Cloudcroft, New Mexico.
  • "This session focuses on what it is to be a Ranger." Colleen Madrid, District Ranger, Zigzag Ranger District, Mt. Hood National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Zigzag, Oregon.
  • ""I am very grateful for the positive consideration you gave my scholarship grant proposal. Because of this grant program I was able to attend the National Ranger Academy at the Grey Towers National Historic Site in Milford Pennsylvania! Not only was the location of the training session inspiring, (summer home of the Gifford Pinchot family) but, the dynamic and insightful teaching skills of our instructors were phenomenal. This leadership development training for USDAFS District Rangers is taught by Linda McLyman and Daniel Leete of Progress Associates who have an uncanny understanding of the Forest Service culture and human dynamics. The processes, interactions, practices and coaching in that interactive teaching/learning environment made it naturally easy to learn the advanced problem solving, decision making, and communication skills they taught. These skills will help in group decision making, team management, meeting management, handling conflict, and interfacing with the public. Above all, continuing to develop my emotional maturity and psychological readiness to enhance my leadership abilities is increasingly important to me. Again, thank you for this opportunity" Brenda Ehmann, District Ranger,USDA Forest Service, Sequoia National Forest, Portersville, CA


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