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Staff Officer’s Academy
at Grey Towers National Historic Site

Edition #6: May 12-15, 2009, or
Edition #7: December 7-10, 2009

The “Staff Officer’s Academy” is a four day leadership development program designed to meet the professional development needs of employees who are currently working as staff officers for the Forest Service. It is a very practical leadership skills development program designed for the specific needs of staff officers.

The Philosophy Inherent in this Leadership Program is as follows:

  1. A competent staff officer needs to understand the differences between simple career advancement and true leadership development (what it really takes to develop as both a manger and a leader)
  2. A competent staff officer needs to really understand the appropriate use (and potential misuse) of power and control in a leadership role
  3. A competent staff officer needs to be an above average meeting facilitator (i.e. having the skills necessary to run contentious public meetings and/or challenging meetings)
  4. A competent staff officer needs to develop advanced team decision-making skills
  5. A competent staff officer must understand the basic principles of psychology in order to work well as a leader (including demonstrating a willingness to see themselves honestly and to grow emotionally)
  6. A competent staff officer needs to know how to lead others through difficult change (including having an advanced understanding of change management theory)
  7. A competent staff officer needs to learn how to manage others in both teams and non-team settings (including learning how and when to delegate work to others)
  8. A competent staff officer needs to be very skilled in conflict management, negotiation, and collaboration skills
  9. A competent staff officer needs to understand basic systems theory (how to arrive at a balance between content, process, and relationship in all areas of work and leadership)
  10. Any staff officer needs to determine if they really want to work in a leadership position.

As a result of participating in this training, staff officers will:

  1. Improve their team decision making and problem solving skills
  2. Improve their interpersonal communication, collaboration and partnership skills
  3. Understand the basic principles of emotional maturity as they apply to leadership
  4. Gain understanding about managing others during times of change and resultant chaos

This training program will be both theoretical and practical in nature. Participants will learn a series of skills and then apply these skills to real world problems, issues, or decisions. The instructors will lead the participants through processes that allow the participants to practice their newly acquired skills with an appropriate amount of coaching. There will be time for self reflection work as well as time to enjoy the Grey Towers site. This will be a highly interactive, non threatening, and yet exciting leadership training opportunity. Participants will be expected to complete all four days of the program.

The class size for this session will be limited to 20 participants. Staff officers from all regions of the Forest Service are welcome to attend the session.

To register for the session contact:
Ellen Geis, Assistant Director for Leadership and
Business Management at Grey Towers
(570) 296-9629 or e-mail:

The Program will be facilitated by Linda McLyman and Daniel Leete of Progress Associates: This training program has been designed, piloted, and taught by the firm Progress Associates. Daniel Leete and Linda McLyman, senior partners in the firm, have been coaching, training, and working with natural resource leaders for the past twenty four years. Skilled consultants and expert teachers, Leete and McLyman have an in-depth understanding of what it really takes to develop new natural resource leaders. Leete and McLyman are widely known throughout the United States as passionate and spirited teachers who have made a strong impact on hundreds of natural resource teams and team leaders with whom they have worked during the past two decades. McLyman is the author of the book, Wise Leadership (MSU Press 2005). Leete is the creator and cofounder of the national Natural Resources Leadership Project currently cosponsored with Michigan State University. Leete and McLyman are the developers and instructors for the Grey Towers Ranger Academy. Linda and Daniel have worked with over 400 natural resource organizations throughout the United States.

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