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Wise Leadership Executive Development Seminar

Please contact Linda McLyman for the dates and place of the next session
You may call Linda at 1-315-263-0274 or email her at:

This course will explore in depth the universal behaviors which underlie wise leadership. Based on Linda McLyman’s new book, Wise Leadership, this course is intended for individuals who really value the nature of solid leadership. “We need smart, intelligent, highly trained leaders,” asserts McLyman, but we also need wise leaders. The path toward wisdom is difficult and demanding. It requires a different leadership path. It requires us to do more of what McLyman labels our “interior emotional leadership work.”

As a result of attending this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the universal behaviors and attributes of wise leadership
  • Clearly identify his or her growing edge as a wise leader
  • Learn to use self observation and feedback in a way that is productive rather than narcissistic
  • Develop a structured process which will help each leader continue on his or her path of professional growth and development
  • Enhance his or her emotional development

The next time Wise leadership will be scheduled will be determined soon:

This is the fourth time this course will be offered. The first three classes have received rave reviews. The course is very experiential in nature - intense but not too heavy. Target audience - mid level to senior level executive leaders.


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